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Wow, this is a great picture. I have two things to say. 1) Sadly, this is my least favorite of Bill's many forms 2) How did Bill get th...

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Gravity Falls and Star Vs Forces of Evil Vore RP
(There's not a lot of ladies in these two shows, so i'll put em in one thing!)
Some of the Gravity Falls or SvtFoE ladies want a piece of you!
Choose a girl from either show and let's have a vore experience!
The Girls:
-Star Butterfly
-Jackie Lee Thomas
-Brittney Wong
-Queen Butterfly
-Or others i can't think of!
Choose what type of vore you want to have:
-Oral Vore (With or without Digestion *non-fatal*)
-Anal Vore
-Hard Vore
-Breast Vore
Comment What you want and let's start!
(ex: Wendy, oral, no digestion)
:iconthicceater2016:thicceater2016 2 74
A Meal Fit for an Evil Queen
Elsa walked down the hall towards her room, ready to get some sleep. She yawned as she turned the doorknob and opened the door, walking into the room and closing the door behind her. “Being queen really takes a lot out of you.” She said as she yawned again. She walked over to her closet and began to strip off her dress. Once she was in nothing but her undies, she reached into the closet for her nightgown. Since it was dark, she couldn’t see much, but she jumped slightly when she felt what she believed to be human skin. There was a slight rustling sounds coming from the closet, and she grew nervous. “Hello?” She asked. Suddenly, out stepped a girl that looked exactly like Elsa, except her hair was jet black and was pointed straight up in the air. She had a dress that gave her the look of an evil sorcerer, and it also made her look intimidating. Elsa backed away from the strange figure, beginning to feel scared. “W-what are you? Who are you? Why do you
:iconhungryscorpion:HungryScorpion 76 35
-Furiosa- by obsceneblue -Furiosa- :iconobsceneblue:obsceneblue 563 38
Their Birthright- A Descendants Fanfic
Out on the surface of the isle, home of the exiled villains four teens danced through the streets, nearby citizens of the Isle of the Lost joining in with harsh barks of laughter and loud whoops. While out among those four teens people either joined the small gang or avoided them with nervousness and unease, further back hidden in the allies stood a young woman known as Khiara simply observed with calculating eyes, no fear or respect in her features.
She stood silently, watching the child of Maleficant and her friends laugh. Her expression was void of emotion, but a hint of a smirk could be seen on her lips as they stir up mischief. The female tilted her head a moment in contemplation before moving further out of sight and whispering a word in a language so dark that even those on the Isle of the Lost shuddered upon hearing it.
A swirling vortex appeared and Khiara stepped backwards into it, a feeling of weightlessness overtaking her for but a moment before she stepped out into a room
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 13
Battle Between Good and Evil by johnfanart101 Battle Between Good and Evil :iconjohnfanart101:johnfanart101 4 0 ::GF:: Last campfire of the summer by Mistrel-Fox ::GF:: Last campfire of the summer :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 1,371 129 Illuminati Peridot Confirmed by UnversedLupine Illuminati Peridot Confirmed :iconunversedlupine:UnversedLupine 368 153 Wendy Blerble Corduroy by JacksSquirrel16 Wendy Blerble Corduroy :iconjackssquirrel16:JacksSquirrel16 20 7 Game Night by hotrod2001 Game Night :iconhotrod2001:hotrod2001 224 43
The Elevator Ride
Working for a high-profile entertainment company in New York City has its downsides. While you are within walking distance to everything you could hope for, there are times where you have to come in early and stay late to get all of your work done. On this particular morning, you have decided to come in early, so you can catch up on some work before the day starts. As you step into the elevator and wait for the door to close, you hear a woman call out to you.
“Hold the door!”
Keeping the elevator open, you recognize the woman hurriedly approaching you. While you do not know her name, you do know that she works on the 40th floor, meaning that she works in the legal department.
“Thanks!” She says as she gets in, sighing with relief.
You look at her and smile, but find that you cannot look away. Instead of wearing the usual modest blouse and jacket with a pencil skirt, she is dressed in formfitting yoga clothes that show off her incredible body. Her attire accentua
:iconputmeinyourbelly:PutMeInYourBelly 74 4
The New King by DolphyDolphiana The New King :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 4,507 473 Sarabi and Scar colored by OmegaLioness Sarabi and Scar colored :iconomegalioness:OmegaLioness 5,593 669 Soak up the Sun by RedCoffee1 Soak up the Sun :iconredcoffee1:RedCoffee1 73 3 Winter (JackSepticEye) by Shuploc Winter (JackSepticEye) :iconshuploc:Shuploc 5,162 461 Signs by kata-009 Signs :iconkata-009:kata-009 5,507 716 Ace Ventura by TovMauzer Ace Ventura :icontovmauzer:TovMauzer 208 15



I leave for a moth tomorrow. Any one who I am roleplaying with, we need to finish tonight 
Finals start this week at school for me, it is the first time i have ever taken them
I am going to start posting pictures of kids from my summer camp!
Can one of you make my day and give me Core Membership?


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Thanks for the Watch!
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Ur welcome! (Plz reply to my notes)
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Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1]
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ur welcome! I absolutly LOVE disney and its villains. through i am curios as to whom the other three teens that were with Maleficents kid's paretns are.
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 5, 2017  Student Writer
Oh!! You must not have seen the movie Descendants then!! If you love the whole Disney and the villains thing you should check it out for sure! It's definitely a lot more fluffy then my spin on it, but the movie actually revolves around Maleficants kid and her friends as they face the choice between following the path their parents want them to and choosing to live the life they want, while simultaneously having to deal with the prejudice of the "good ones" that exiled the villains away to the Isle of the Lost. It was a TV special that came out back in 2015, and the second one comes out this summer. (In June I think)

The other three teens that were with the daughter of Maleficent are the kids of: Jafar, Evil Queen, and Cruella De'vill 
asdfghjk1123456789 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Student Artist
WOO!!!! 3 of the greatest viliian. can u pls give me some details about Jafar's kid?
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thanks for the watch.
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